Binotto: “We have to decide what’s best for Mick Schumacher’s future”

Mick Schumacher, with the landing of his compatriot Nico Hulkenberg in Haas, lost the only chance of staying in Formula 1 as a starting driver. For the now former standard-bearer of the American team, there could be the Mercedes option, with the house of the Star that would bet on the 2020 Formula 2 champion in the reserve role behind the Hamilton-Russell duo, but before making any future choices, the German will have to discuss it with Ferrari as a member of the FDA.

Speaking of Schumi jr, Mattia Binotto admitted that the Cavallino team is open to any type of solution that Mick may need to continue his career in motorsport.

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Mick, first of all, is a great driver – said Binotto in the team press conference in Abu Dhabi – I think he’s always progressed throughout his career and I think he’s progressed this season as well. If we look back at how he started and where he is finishing up, I think he has shown that he is capable of improving. Like Ferrari and the Ferrari Driver Academy we believe that he is now a great driver. After Haas has somehow opted for a different choice for 2023, we will have to sit down with Mick trying to decide what is best for the future”.

Binotto, completing his analysis on Mick, added: “The best decision is the one that goes in your favor. We have nowhere to offer him right now and I think the most important thing when you are so young is to make sure you have the best opportunity. We will be completely open to different choices, now we have to sit down with him and figure out what to do”.

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