Big gesture of fair play: history with shoes

WWhat is the status of the badminton tournament at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham? Oh, that doesn’t interest you in this country? We think so, because there is one player there who deserves attention: Malaysian Tze Yong Ng, who won the gold medal with his team.

In the preliminary round, he and his coach Hendrawan, a badminton legend, gave the sporting public – and in Asia this sport reaches a big one – an extra treat. And a little courage for those people who are in the process of completely losing faith in people.

When his opponent, the Jamaican champion Samuel Ricketts, broke a shoe sole in the middle of the match and he was already trying to continue playing with a ruin that had been poorly trimmed with scissors, Ng first asked him about his shoe size, which unfortunately did not correspond to his.

Eventually he got Hendrawan’s shoes, and the trainer coached in socks from now on. Also went: Ng won. Malaysian superiority may have made things easier. But you don’t necessarily have to subordinate fair play to success, even in top-class sport. Conversely, it becomes a shoe.

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