Aston Martin, Fallows: “We can take a big step forward with the AMR23”

Aston Martin looks forward to next season with optimism. Dan Fallows, Adrian Newey’s historic right-hand man in Red Bull who in recent months has officially joined the British team as technical director, believes that the AMR23 will be significantly better than the current one.

Fallows in fact believes that on the current single-seater there are areas where it is possible to obtain important evolutions, which will thus have a positive effect on the performance of the car.

We believe it will be much more competitive than this year’s car. I am confident that we can take a big step forward with the AMR23 – said Fallows in an interview with the official Aston Martin website – When I walk around the car, there are areas for improvement everywhere. We have literally hundreds of projects underway right now. In the aerodynamics department, in the design office, in research and development, throughout the team, people are seeing improvements, be it weight improvements, stiffness improvements, improved rider controls, better aerodynamics, a more stable car: everything will bring the performance to the car“.

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