Alonso sure: “Formula 1 will always need the DRS”

Fernando Alonso believes that the DRS will always be necessary in Formula 1, even with the introduction of the new 2022 technical regulation with ground effect cars, and that in theory it should allow cars to facilitate chasing and therefore overtaking. The Spaniard does not think so, or at least he believes that this technology, introduced in 2011, should not be suppressed. In short, given the “trauma” suffered in Abu Dhabi in 2010, it is clear that the former Ferrari was very impressed by the difficulties experienced in the pre-DRS era.

“I don’t think Formula 1 will do without the DRS, it will always need it – Alonso told ad Autosport before the Austin weekend. I know it sometimes makes overtaking artificial, but if we look back, before this technology came, the races were much more boring, it was extremely difficult to overtake. Formula 1 is not like the other categories: I think it will always be difficult to follow other cars very closely because of the aerodynamics and how the teams will always be smart to deliver performance. So I believe that the DRS will also be a useful tool for the future ”.

“Mercedes’ dominance in this hybrid era has been overwhelming, especially in the first three to four years with the V6s. Then, since 2017, when Formula 1 introduced wider tires and bigger cars, I think it’s been a step back in terms of racing and specifically in being able to chase the other cars up close. We were missing a couple of things and Formula 1 has learned from these experiences, so I think we will have a better championship from next year ”.

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