AC Milan swoop on Dybala? Pros and cons of a possible transfer to the Rossoneri

The enthusiasm for the return of Romelu Lukaku conditioned the last days of theInter. So much so now Paulo Dybala he was made to sit in the waiting room, because the Nerazzurri are no longer so convinced of putting him under contract.

For the club in Viale della Liberazione, the signing of the Joya it would certainly be a sacrifice from an economic point of view and we are reflecting better on what to do. While Inter have put the negotiation on stand-by, it could be the one to take advantage of it Milan who follows the story carefully and is ready to make an offer should things go the right way.

Of course, for the Rossoneri’s pockets it would be an out-of-reach operation; but if the deal with the cousins ​​were to blow up and Dybala found himself in July without other suitors, maybe he could also be convinced with a downward figure.

Paulo Dybala

In these days of transfer market, the reigning Italian champions are moving in search of an attacking midfielder who gives imagination and unpredictability to an offensive department that was often barren of ideas during the last season.

From this point of view, several names have been made, the names of De Ketelaere And Renato Sanches in fact, they filled pages and pages of the newspaper. What if the solution to the Rossoneri problems were to be found in Serie A itself? There Joya he already knows the Italian league and has all the characteristics that Milan needs. Furthermore, a signing of him would not only bring a wave of joy among the fans, but would also represent one tripping my cousins who have courted him for weeks without ever making the decisive thrust.

However, there remain some unknowns related to the physical condition of the Argentine, who this year was unable to take the field regularly due to many ailments. Not only Milan, but every club interested in Dybala would like to receive guarantees in this respect. However, given that for the Rossoneri it would be a significant economic sacrifice, investing in a player who risks staying in the pits can often be risky.

Finally, the possible arrival of the former Juve at Milan would be contradictory to the strategic plan adopted by Maldini and Massara in recent years, the same project that sees young people as protagonists that has brought the Devil back to the Italian football elite. At this point it’s up to the Rossoneri to choose: is it better to take a strong but physically unreliable player and hope that he will make you make a qualitative leap, or to continue along the path traced in the past seasons?

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