Sonoran talent: Simpson Ahuevo responds to Alfonso Durazo for the visit of Luisito Comunica

HERMOSILLO, SONORA.- During Wednesday afternoon, several people from Hermosillo were surprised to see that two famous youtubers decided to visit the capital of Sonora for his new project, which consists of tasting all the hot spices in the region to find out which chili is the most extreme for them.

They are Luisito Comunica and Juanpa Zurita, who visited the center of Hermosillo, specifically the Municipal Market where they stopped to take several photographs with those who approached them, and then moved to the Cathedral and posed in front of the religious temple to capture this moment. .

Before this visit, the governor of the city decided to welcome the young and invite them to learn more about Sonora, even affirming that it has “a giant tourist potential that little by little they will discover”, however his visit lasted very little, since the influencers had to continue with their search for hot spices, and Hermosillo was only a small stop from the others that await them.

The image that Alfonso Durazo shared caused a great sensation among Internet users and although there were those who laughed at the situation, others were surprised not to have seen them on the streets. It was so much the popularity that the photography of Juanpa Zurita and Luisito Comunica gained, which achieved 14 thousand reactions by Facebook users.

But there was something that attracted more attention and that almost reached the amount of Likes than the image, and is that the Sonoran rapper artistically known as Simpson Ahuevo He expressed in the comments that for true talents, it was best to point him out to him.

“Hello Alfonso, talented me, greetings from the center of the country. Aww!”, was what the interpreter of “Ring Hands” wrote, a comment that reached 12 thousand reactions and several responses from his biggest fans. “Good talent”, “It had to be said and said”, “They do not compare to you, Simpson”, “The true Sonoran talent”, were just some answers.

Jorge Alberto Beltrán Robles was born in Hermosillo, Sonora on October 29, 1982. Better known in the artistic world as Simpson Ahuevo, he is a rapper and composer who entered the world of rap and hip hip in 2001 when he joined the group. AFDD, which means “Furtive Attack of the Desert”, who gave concerts in small places in Sonora with the intention of making themselves known and being able to grow musically.

Shortly after, jumped onto the music scene with the premiere of his single “Manos de Anillo” in 2007, four years later he created an EP with the name More than yesterday, along with Gabriel Arocha who helped him obtain the recognition he expected.

The musician has an extensive list of songs that mark his artistic career, such as “Fiebre”, “Mextasis”, “Come rap”, “Gas”, “Blunt de guava”; his most recent songs being “Arre” and “Duele”, which have a video clip directed by NEUDERTS, a group of brothers with the same surname as their association who, like Simpson Ahuevo, are originally from Hermosillo, Sonora.

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