Sister of political prisoner Andy García denounces concealment of evidence in Santa Clara trials

The activist Roxana García Lorenzo denounced this Wednesday on social networks the concealment of videos, in the hands of the Cuban authorities, which demonstrate the peaceful nature of the July 11 demonstration in Santa Clara and the position of her brother, Andy Garcia Lorenzo, against violence.

In a live broadcast made by the entrepreneur and activist Saily González, who has been accompanying the relatives of the city’s political prisoners during the days of the trials this week, García Lorenzo reported that on October 13, 2021, during a The arrest that he suffered with his partner, Jonatan López, State Security agents showed them images that show the innocence of his brother.

“That day they threatened us and told us that we no longer had to report what was happening with my brother’s case, and my answer was: ‘if you show me proof that my brother was throwing a stone, I would I keep my mouth shut and I don’t denounce anything else. ‘”

However, she assures that there they were shown some videos that showed that she was right. “Some videos where there were no threats anywhere, where there was not all the lie that they are telling.

“My brother came out on more than three occasions showing his face for the same shitty police, the same police who repressed him, beat him, mistreated him, psychologically tortured him the days he was imprisoned, and likewise, in Those same videos, my brother comes out defending and shouting at everyone: ‘Don’t touch the police here, that’s contempt, we’re embarking, the demonstration is peaceful,’ “he added.

After seeing these images, the young woman asked those who kept her in custody to pass them on to her, to let her copy them, but the answer was that “these videos could not get out of there, that only the lawyer had access to them.” Now, three months later, Roxana García maintains that the lawyer has not had access to them.

“If at any given moment they call me to be a witness in this case, I obviously have the obligation to tell the truth, to say that my brother has behaved like a man, without disrespect, on the contrary. He supported that there was no violence in the demonstration. And here they are lying. In these trials they are telling lies, “she said indignantly.

Andy García Lorenzo, deprived of liberty since July 11, faces a judicial process this week along with 15 other participants of the social outbreak in the province of Villa Clara. The sessions began on Monday, January 10, and will conclude this Friday. He is specifically accused of the alleged crimes of public disorder, contempt of authority and attack and the prosecution asks him for seven years of deprivation of liberty.

“They are saying that Andy was attacking the police all the time, offending the police, inciting violence, that he was the leader of the demonstration. Even being the leader of a demonstration is not a crime, but they do take it as a crime, “warns his sister.

Almost 300 people They have been tried so far for participating in some way in the July 2021 demonstrations, according to the records of the Justice 11J working group. At least 223 citizens have been processed in ordinary trials, while 71 have been processed in summary trials.

Throughout this week, another 66 people are being tried in four provinces of the country: Havana, Mayabeque, Holguín and Villa Clara. In Holguín, the 21 defendants face the crime of sedition, for which the prosecutor Fernando Sera asks for up to 30 years in prison, and four of them are minors.

Reports of irregularities and violations of due process have not stopped in recent months. In the case of Santa Clara, García’s relatives have denounced harassment and persecution by State Security agents, internet service interruptions, police fence in La Audiencia, where the collective trial is held, and efforts to hide evidence by the prosecution.

In addition, each day they only allow one family member to enter for each protester. “The families are behind, we don’t even have access to hear what the judge or anything like that is saying. The prosecution is presenting witnesses who work for themselves, and after that, when the lawyers ask their questions, they are cleaning themselves the buttocks with all that. Here they are making damaged judgments, everything that is being done here is a clowning, “emphasized Roxana García.

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