Simón Cruz: A tapatío in Barcelona

Simón Cruz is a renowned contemporary plastic artist, born in Guadalajara, who after his participation in Misonny Art Festival, in Costa Brava, Spain, prepared the exhibition Agricultural Revolution, which will open today at the Matiz Gallery in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

The exhibition is made up of 16 pieces, of which nine are large-format oil paintings and the rest are smaller works. This collection will be open from today October 14 and will remain in the enclosure for about two months.


Agricultural Revolution, in the words of its author, it has been anticipated since last year, generating a dynamic of evolution which is in keeping with the pandemic, as people have adapted to a new way of life. He adds that it is “a matter of arguing a lot about the shortcomings of the human being, trying to silence those noises, the connection speaks of the representation of a radiant birth, the birth of a flower, a new time, a new space, and as such , the human being has that autonomy to be able to be linked from his lack or his virtue ”.

It is an exhibition that presents and represents the complexity that “from one day to the next the world closed in”, and many people did not know, nor do they know how to link with their own self, so they try to fill those voids outside of what is inside from them.

And within the framework of this opening, the artist Simón Cruz will launch a preview of what will be his new brand Tamerlane in collaboration with the artist New Yorker Tamerlane.

It is a line of signature jewelry, so it will present about three pieces within the exhibition Agricultural Revolution, which are unique.

Throughout his career, in which he has around 100 exhibitions inside and outside the country, he has made different collaborations with other artists, such as a collection of tables of ski In which 75 artists from established to emerging participated, later in a collection of mannequins that was presented at the Hotel Demetria, among others, so it has always had the need to integrate different manifestations of various artists to develop an aesthetic theme.

Piece of Simón Cruz and Tamerlane. PHOTOS: SPECIAL / MICHEL CRUZ.

The idea of ​​the brand arises from his stay in Mexico City where he met Tame, after a talk they decided to launch pieces with autonomy and a transcendental value as a work of art and not as an accessory as well as with a timeless validity, so that people will acquire a jewel of art. And he explains that “from there we start to work on the sketches and I think that interesting things will come out, they will see pieces worked in different materials such as ceramic, silver, precious stones, feathers”, among others.

Plans with Tamerlane is to make a collection of more than 10 pieces and make an exhibition at the Perla Tapatia to officially launch the brand. This collaboration between Simón Cruz and Tamerlane will be permanent, but the project also includes inviting other visual artists to join together to make collections that have a value like a jewel of art.

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