Signs that your partner attacks you and you should move away

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Physical harm is not the only avenue used by people who exercise power over othersVerbal abuse is considered a type of violence, says activist Christine Rodríguez. Unfortunately, some victims may get the wrong impression when it comes to domestic violence and verbal abuse.

This day was celebrated the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is commemorated every November 25, is an effort to eradicate all types of violence, ranging from hurtful jokes, against money to killing women on the basis of gender.

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Domestic violence is a pattern of coercive and controlling behavior that a person uses to maintain power and control over their partner. Anyone can be a victim regardless of their gender, race, age, orientation, religious beliefs and social or economic condition, ”said Rodríguez, an Equinox activist.

There are signs that tell us that you should stay away

There are signs that tell us that you should stay away

This type of behavior can be overlooked by a person in an abusive relationship because it does not leave a physical mark.. It can also involve subtle behaviors, such as blaming your partner for things beyond your control, trivializing your actions or ideas, judging or criticizing, and hurtful jokes. Abusers will also deny their behavior, resort to name calling, or threaten their partners.

“Anyone who is being verbally abused should know that the abuse is not their fault and that help is available, ”Rodríguez said. In Mexico there are places where free help is offered to women and shelters.

Some of the signs are telling someone that they never do anything right; showing extreme jealousy of friends or spending time away from them; discouraging someone from spending time with friends, family, or colleagues.

Insulting, humiliating, or embarrassing, especially in front of other people; prevent someone from making their own decisions, including about working or going to school. Control household finances without discussion, including taking money or refusing to provide money for necessary expenses.

Pressure someone to have sex or perform sexual acts that they are not comfortable with. Forcing someone to use drugs or alcohol and intimidating someone with threatening looks or actions.

Another of the signs is to threaten to harm or take children or pets and something that is more violent and you can be in danger is that a person intimidates you with weapons such as guns, knives. Destroy a person’s belongings or home.

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If your partner verbally attacks you, it's time to go

If your partner verbally attacks you, it’s time to go

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