Shortages in the United Kingdom due to the lack of foreign workers

The effects of Brexit and also the pandemic have caused empty shelves in some shops in the United Kingdom, where products are scarce in stores. This circumstance has caused the activity of companies in the country to halt, which presumes to dispute France for the position of the second largest European economy.

Stores had reduced their assortment due to the drop in sales caused by the pandemic. Now, they simply do not have access to stock, since there are problems with the drivers and the supply does not work on a regular basis.

This fact causes that the visits to the stores are being reduced drastically. This lack of supply and the paralysis of the economy could cause the United Kingdom to see its recovery seriously hampered after the pandemic.

The health crisis has disrupted supply chains across the country, something that has been exacerbated by Brexit, as it makes it difficult for European workers to enter. Many have returned to their countries during the pandemic and have not returned. For example, 100,000 truckers are now desperately needed to transport goods.

According to the UK’s main employers, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), inventory levels in retail and distribution fell by more than 20% during the month of August and are currently at exceptionally low levels.

The shortage affects all sectors, including flagship companies such as McDonald’s, Wetherspoon pubs or, more recently, Coca-Cola or Ikea. With these examples, companies are now putting pressure on the government to act, warning of the risk of a lack of supplies for the upcoming Christmas season.

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