Sensations found in a historic night for the Pro in Bahia

Sergio Prieta / [email protected]

The joy for the resounding victory against the Frente de Todos in the section of councilors and the support that Héctor Gay received after six years in office, gave the Pro one of his best nights in Bahía Blanca.

Shortly after 10 pm, it was the mayor himself who came on stage to celebrate the triumph of Together throughout the country and, of course, the one that occurred in our city. At that time they were ahead of Peronism by more than 25 points at the local level, a difference that had not occurred in previous elections.

In fact, from very early on, the numbers that the prosecutors were approaching were already giving it a broad triumph over the FdT and all the attention in the bunker on the first block of Colón was focused on what was happening in the Sixth Section due to the internal dispute between Lorenzo Natali and Fernando Compagnoni. “We are even,” assured some voices close to the communal chief.

The room in which Gay lived his triumph as mayor and all the elections in which he participated since 2013 was almost empty until the last minute. Due to the pandemic, the Pro set up its computer centers in premises distributed in Villa Rosas, Noroeste and La Falda.

However, in a room that only municipal officials entered, the Buenos Aires senator Nidia Moirano, the provincial deputy Santiago Nardelli and the communal chief monitored their own numbers, which were approached by the prosecutors who spent the day in the different schools.

After 10 pm, it was the mayor himself who came out to give the conclusions. “We won 2015, we won 2017 and we won 2019, but the numbers do not cease to amaze.”

“At this time, with 60-something percent scrutinized, we are reaching 50 percent against 21 and a fraction of the Frente de Todos, it is a difference that not even the most optimistic of our team expected,” he said.

Then the first candidate for councilor, Adrián Jouglard, spoke, who thanked the Bahian people for their vote and also did his second on the list, Fabiola Buosi.

Finally Compagnoni spoke: “I have to thank all those who took care of our votes. I have to say the same thing I said the first minute the list was closed: we will be together giving support to those who join the list and all our experience in management, “he said in clear reference to Natali.

Then he assured the media that he toured the entire Sixth Section and that “in 45 days it is very difficult to have the level of knowledge that Natali has after 30 years in front of LU2’s microphones.”

A little more than 300 meters away, Lorenzo celebrated his triumph while in the first block of Colón they made accounts about the conformation of the ballot for November and assured that both Compagnoni and the one who seconded him on the Pro ballot, Abigail Gómez, entered 3 and 4 in the future conformation of Juntos at the sectional level.

It was a night of mixed sensations. The next few days will serve for a more detailed analysis. For now, this morning the mayor and his team will receive the candidates for councilors and, in one of the most anticipated photos, a meeting with Lorenzo and the members of the unified sectional list is expected.

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