Senate endorses Federal Law on Political Trial; return to San Lázaro for changes

After several days of negotiations that made it possible to modify the minutes from the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate of the Republic unanimously approved the draft Decree issuing the Federal Law on Political Trial and Declaration of Provenance.

After arduous deliberations among the coordinators of the parliamentary groups, it was finally determined to eliminate the power of the Chamber of Deputies to impose its criteria in cases of violation of the governors, with which the local congresses will continue to have that attribution.

When Morena and his allies accepted this change in the opinion, the talks were unblocked, which made possible a unanimous vote of 106 votes in favor of this law.

The minute with the draft decree was returned to San Lázaro, since it is the chamber of origin, which will have to discuss it again and vote on it.

This reform is regulatory of articles 108, 109, 110, 111 and 112 of the Political Constitution in matters of impeachment, declaration of provenance and criminal responsibility of the President of the Republic.

The new law updates, defines and regulates the procedures that allow sanctioning public servants, including the President of the Republic, governors and others who violate the proper functioning of public institutions.

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