Segré: The pétanque club opens a pétanque school to train young people

Mickael Théard, head of the pétanque school created by the Segré club (Maine-et-Loire) in December 2021, has been playing pétanque for 37 years. (© Haut Anjou)

Since end of December 2021, the pétanque section of The Segré Haut Anjou Sports Agreement (ESSHA) has created a pétanque school.

The latter aims to train young people from Segréen in this practice, in its premises, located Lihoreau Street, at La Chapelle-sur-Oudon, delegated municipality of Segré-en-Anjou-bleu (Maine-et-Loire).

“The idea is to attract and keep young people from Segréen”, explains Mickael Théard, responsible for the pétanque school.

Open doors

“This is the reason why we start with open doors Saturday, January 15, 2022, from 14 h. We want to be operational for the youth championships which take place in the month of mars 2022 and prepare for the competitions taking place during the year. “

Far from the stereotype of summer games, the club intends with this school to break down the clichés surrounding the practice. “In school, there are regulations to follow and a technique to learn, such as how to throw,” he continues.

After the open house, we will see if we do the preparation on Saturday or Wednesday. Some young people may have other activities on the weekends, such as soccer. This should be set at the end of January 2022.

Mickael Théardhead of the pétanque school

“There is also a physical, psychological part and a game tactic to take into account”. As a result, training sessions will be organized within a limit of five children per educator or initiator.

“After the open house, we’ll see if we do the preparation on Saturday or Wednesday. Some young people may have other activities on the weekends, such as soccer. It should be stalled end of January 2022. »

By counting the licensees of the club of Segré, delegated municipality of Segré-en-Anjou-bleu then Candé (Maine-et-Loire), about twenty young people are already likely to integrate the structure.

From 7 to 17 years old

“We are also going to intervene in schools, but the structure must change. We are in discussion with the town hall, to redo the land. Any audience enters 7 and 17 years old is accepted. “

In addition to this room of approximately 20 m², around fifty petanque grounds are available to the school. In the future, the volunteers aspire to create a bowling alley.

“We are also in discussion with an association near our premises, in order to recover a covered place. The club is also launching an appeal to patrons wishing to support this project.

Practical: Information on 06 11 39 53 62. Free license for young people from Segré-en-Anjou-bleu.

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