Scandal: they investigate alleged robbery in the Punilla Department of the Police

In the last hours, the launch of the investigation of an event that leaves the Punilla Police Department, based in Villa Carlos Paz, involved in a real scandal, where a sum of money and elements of a box would have disappeared of judicial kidnappings of the warehouse located in the place.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Córdoba reported that “on the occasion of an event that occurred at the Punilla Departmental headquarters, related to the theft of elements from inside it, the Carlos Paz Fair Prosecutor’s Office is being investigated by Jorgelina Gómez.”

The communiqué also indicates that “in order to identify the authors of the same, the corresponding directives have been issued, intervening the judicial police cabinets, as well as the Investigations Directorate of the Court of Conduct of the Security Forces.”

According to the first information, the missing person was discovered this Thursday and generated a real commotion in the police headquarters, since the door of the office where the elements were kidnapped was violated.

From the intervening prosecutor’s office, the secrecy of summary and the taking of statements were ordered from the officers who were in charge of the custody of the deposit, in order to establish exactly the missing and the chronology of the facts.

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