Sarthe: after three cures, Jean-Marc overcame his addiction to alcohol

Jean-Marc Puisset (in the center) wanted to testify about his journey as a former alcohol addict. (©Sable News)

« The alcohol does a lot of damage. Jean-Marc Puisset can testify to this.

Member for two years Free Life Association from Sablé-sur-Sarthe (Sarthe), which organizes discussion groups for people withalcohol addicts, he wants, through his experience, to deliver a message of hope.

“I had been drinking for years and it got worse. I had problems with my wife. I fell into depression and drank to forget,” he says.

While he thought that the alcohol could be a remedy, it has, in fact, only amplified the already heavy problems.

“I have no more alcohol at home”

After three cures, he is proud to say today that he has not touched a single bottle for two years.

“When I left the hospital, I said to myself that it was over. When I have a problem, I turn to the family. I no longer have alcohol at home for fear of being tempted again. »

Former alcoholic, Raymond Juan, secretary, remembers his old life, abandoned in 2012, and the fear of being stopped on the road while intoxicated. So, we take the small roads, even if it means extending the journey time.

“Today, it has almost become a pleasure to blow into the ball,” he smiles.

Free Life has 18 members, eight women and ten men. “We also welcome relatives of addicts to the alcohol who come for advice,” says Michel Esnault, head of the section addiction alcool.

The health crisis heavily impacted the contact between the members. “We were around forty before the Covid crisis. »

“It’s important to be surrounded”

For the moment, the association, formerly located rue de Sarthe in Sand, no longer has premises.

“But we continue to travel, to go to the hospital to meet people in treatment. If necessary, we can go and visit a member, ”explains Michel Esnault.

“It’s important to always be surrounded. We are here for that,” insists Raymond Juan.

Jean-Marc Puisset knows how necessary this listening is when you are dependent. “It helps a lot to talk. »

Meetings once a month

Meetings are also set up on the last Friday of each month within the former Gastine school. “We are all united around the same cause,” adds Raymond Juan.

So when a recipient feels strong enough to stop drinking, the pride is shared. “We have had a lot of success,” observes Michel Esnault.

Free Life. Meeting in Sablé-sur-Sarthe every last Friday of the month in the former school of Gastines from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

For the sick in need, volunteers are ready to go to their homes in the areas of the townships of Loué and Sablé.

Contact on 06 67 75 26 35 (responsible for Loué sector) and on 06 77 00 92 88 (responsible for Sablé sector).

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