Santa Fe: They warn that 1,400 heat points were registered where fires could be started

Gentileza Radio M

The Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Erika Gonnet, warned this Friday about the increase in hot spots that are registered throughout the province of Santa Fe, reaching 1,400. “This indicates the extreme gravity we are going through,” he said.

Regarding the hot spots, he said that “they are risk points for fires to happen” and confirmed that they have increased in recent days. And he added: “In the last week of December we had 415 heat points. At the beginning of this week we had 795. Today, 1,400 hot spots are registered through satellite mapping throughout the entire province of Santa Fe.”

The minister expressed that this is due to “the climate crisis that we have to go through, this week with extreme temperatures, which is accompanied by a prolonged drought and the drop in the Paraná River that comes from 2019.”

“What happens in our province does not escape what is happening in the country,” warned the official.

On the other hand, he commented that “we have very worrying fires in the metropolitan area of ​​the province of Santa Fe that have been working since the last week of December, in the south of the province, and also in the north of Santa Fe.”

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