Santa Fe: a 35-day-old baby died from coronavirus

Orlando Alassia Children’s Hospital. Courtesy Diario Uno Santa Fe

The provincial Health Ministry reported on Wednesday the death of a 35-day-old baby. According to reports, he was a native of Santa Fe and was admitted to the Orlando Alassia hospital.

The little one was hospitalized in the Neonatology area and due to his age group he did not have the coronavirus vaccine. He had entered the effector less than a week ago for a respiratory condition and when swabbing them, it was discovered that both (mother and baby) were positive for coronavirus.

It is, as reported from the hospital, the first fatality of this third wave. Previously, six other pediatric patients had died.

Specialists anticipated a few days ago that the third wave was directly impacting the pediatric population and highlighted the need to be vaccinated. “The only way to protect them is by vaccinating all children,” said Health Minister Sonia Martorano.

Starting this Monday, all vaccinations in the province of Santa Fe apply first and second doses to boys between 3 and 17 years old “on demand”, that is, without having to take a shift. Children will be inoculated with Sinopharm, and adolescents will be given Pfizer.

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