Sansinena scared away the ghosts and “Pancho” won it 1-0

By Sergio Daniel Peyssé / [email protected]

“It’s time we beat one of the above, it’s today guys, it’s today, come on, come on …!”

The harangue of “Flaco” Delorte before entering the field of play was the last breath of mind for this Sansinena who had to face the fourth of the positions at home six days after the hurtful and overwhelming 1-5 against Olimpo.

The captain did nothing more than maintain the motivation of a team that, if it did not break down psychologically during the week, it was because of the drive and spiritual support of a coaching staff that maintains the illusion of getting into the Qualifying Group, even knowing that has a short squad and several injured footballers.

Unlike other presentations in Cerri, the homeowner found a rival who let him play, judicious and neat to attack but with eternal delays and hesitations on all lines to go back and score.

With pressure in three quarters and giving free rein to the sides, those guided by Emiliano Ortiz took the middle of a visiting team that, beyond its nobility and not being infected with the worst “vices” of the category, surprised greatly to his figure and scorer: Leandro Espejo.

And unlike other matches where he was local, the Cerrense did not abuse “remote control” for the lungo Delorte and always tried to exploit the gangs, behind the backs of adversary flyers who went up like planes but came back like carts.

Thus came the only goal of the afternoon: Viera, on the right and with all the time in the world, played back for Antú Hernández, who without restrictions and a free panorama, took the center out for Gonzalo “Pancho” Barez to hit a pumped header that He snuck up behind goalkeeper Pave.

With the advantage in her favor, Sansinena kept the San Juan cast away from her arc, took it out of rhythm and managed the emotional clock at ease and piacere.

But you want me to tell you something: I noticed the redhead in the complement very tired, beyond the plus and the solidarity of each of his men to recover the ball and have it as much as they could.

The Brazilian Nelson Da Silva worried the local back even when he breathed, but beyond some passes between the lines and several centers bathed with hemlock, Peña did not charge against the resentful, but resonant and proud heart of a “tripero” that at times flashed with Olympian t-shirts around them.

Sansinena got farther and farther back and was split in the middle zone, but he was fortunate that the referee Franco Morón saw how Julio López, who had entered a little earlier, kicked Viera (the local side before him had pushed) without ball and saw the red without any of his teammates avalanche on the Piquense judge. Sure, it was impossible to defend the indefensible.

Peñarol, who had bet on a 3-3-3-1 before the expulsion, threw in the towel and emotionally collapsed despite the fact that coach Egardo Herrera kept moving the bench.

With several players melted and the game on fire, Ortiz preferred that the insiders hold out and that the very pibitos – beyond the income of Tomás Segovia and Leandro Fierro Molina – wait for another opportunity.

With fairness, but with justice, Sansinena cut Peñarol unbeaten in 8 games without losses (5 wins and 3 draws). And he will continue to fight it, because beyond being a short team, his soul is strong and the illusion is long …


Sansinena 1 (4-1-3-2)

J. Arias 6

Viera 6

Tamalet 6


find 6

Barez 7

Toro 6

Hernández 6

Recalde 5

O. Whites 6

Delorte (c) 5

DT: Emiliano Ortiz

Peñarol 0 (4-3-2-1)

Pave (c) 6

Bellone 4

Yori 5

Pound 5

Chiquichano 5

L. Fernández 5

Dul 4

Salinas 6

Frías Ferragut 5

F. De Souza 6

N. Da Silva 6

DT: Edgardo Herrera

PT. Goal by Barez (S), at 30m.

ST. There were no goals. At 26m. J. López (P) was expelled.

Changes. 77m. T. Segovia by A. Hernández and 87m. L. Fierro Molina by O. Bianchi, in Sansinena; 60m. C. Acosta (4) by Dul and J. López (1) by L. Fernández, 77m. Argumosa by Chiquichano and 79m. Sacallán by Salinas and C. Fernández by De Souza, in Peñarol.

Admonished. Achares (38m.), In Sansinena; Bellone (34m.), Pfund (70m.) And Pave (88m.), In Pêñarol.

Referee. Franco Morón (8).

Basketball court. Sansinena (7).

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