Saldungaray dressed up as bicycles: the 1st Rural Bike with more than 300 participants

Yesterday, Saldungaray dressed as bicycles. It is the first time that a group of residents of the town is encouraged to organize a Rural Bike and the number of registered for the event – more than 300 participants – as well as the development of a very positive sports day, shows that the effort was worth the shame and that every detail was important.

For example, at the start, it was “Caschillo”, and the legendary bicycle rider of the town, who was in charge of setting up the competition.

At 82 years old, riding his bicycle, he was at the head of the line of cyclists. A more than significant and emotional moment, since this man has been repairing, patching and recycling the inhabitants’ two-wheelers for more than 60 years. And whoever repairs bicycles also promotes dreams of freedom.

At the end of the event, the bikers paid tribute to him, in tears, and recognized through a trophy his importance in shaping the identity of the place.

The race, which at the start was given by the renowned journalist Lorenzo Natali -who lived until the age of four in this mountain town- proposed a competitive 60K route and another 40K cycle tour, for amateurs and lovers of challenges.

The delivery of the race kits took place from 8.30 am in the hangar of the local Aeroclub, where it was possible to enjoy the canteen service and artisans walk in addition to the hiring of baptism flights. At the end of the event, the awards were held there.

Registration was made through the platform

The day was sunny and with temperatures that exceeded 23 degrees and people from more than 30 localities participated.

The unprecedented rural landscapes of the circuits designed by the organizers dazzled the visitors.

This was also a plus, since only they know these hidden places that contain shocking contrasts: the green plain cut out by the earthy profile of the mountains, fields of yellow flowers, birds and butterflies accompanied the ride of the cyclists.

From the non-profit Saldungaray cycling group, whose members carried the organization of this solidarity event on their shoulders – the proceeds will be to create a BMX track and buy bicycles for the children – they highlighted: “We cannot explain them to you! what this is! Our hearts explode with happiness. THANK YOU TOTALESSSSS !! “.

The businesses contributed a large number of gifts for the final raffles and volunteer neighbors accompanied the posts to provide water, mark the routes and give assistance to the cyclists. Police, ambulance and logistics support vehicles were present.

The winners can be found at

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