Saier about Mainz: "Wild duels, great emotionality"

It never got boring in the end when Mainz and Freiburg met. The sports club still has an account open from the previous season, and time is running out for a top performer in the prank team.

SC sports director Jochen Saier does not expect normality against Mainz 05 this time either.

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The 1: 3 home defeat against Mainz in November 2020 also has its good points. It was the low point and turning point in the Freiburg season, which the SC ultimately finished in tenth ahead of the Mainz team, who had come in twelfth thanks to a famous catch-up race. The fact that the close second leg was also lost in the second half of the season with 0: 1 should further increase the motivation of Christian Streich and his professionals before they meet again on Saturday in Rheinhessen.

In the 2019/20 season, the SC won both duels with the zero fives (2: 1, 3: 0), in the previous season it was the other way around. Including a memorable 5-0 victory over the famous countering Mainz, who – as weird as it may sound – were initially played against the wall in their own stadium, but benefited from the fact that Freiburg did not score a goal and made some mistakes at the back.

Strange circumstances in 2018

The home team has always won the four other matches since Freiburg’s resurgence in 2016. In April 2018 under strange circumstances. The Mainz team’s 2-0 success was initiated by a converted hand penalty, which referee Guido Winkmann only imposed after the break after the break when the referee Guido Winkmann had a communication breakdown with VAR Bibiana Steinhaus, when most of the players had already disappeared into the catacombs.

Based on this example, Jochen Saier says: “There were some wild duels and a lot of emotionality. Most recently it was almost always a special 90 minutes against Mainz and no normal Bundesliga games. Our antennas are extended.” On Saturday the SC sports director expects another hot ride and pays the opponent respect: “With Bo Svensson as coach you are extremely stable and successful and have regained your Mainz self-confidence. It’s good what happens there, but that means at the same time that it will be a real challenge for us. ”

One that could come too early for Nicolas Höfler. The midfield strategist returned to the training ground after his metatarsal contusion this week, but is only doing a reduced workload. Jonathan Schmid, however, is still absent due to his COVID-19 infection and talent Kimberly Ezekwem is currently missing due to a muscle injury.

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