LATAM Airbus that will fly from Curitiba to Londrina (João Heringer).

LATAM’s decision to launch non-stop flights from Curitiba on March 27 to destinations served by Azul is helping to reduce airline ticket prices. From the capital of Paraná to Londrina it is possible to travel by LATAM paying only R$ 260 for the round trip. From Curitiba to Maringá the value is even more surprising on a flight with the same company: round trip for only R$ 229. (See details in the image below).

As of March 27, LATAM will also have two flights that will depart daily from Curitiba to Foz do Iguaçu. In the opposite direction, there will also be two daily schedules. Round trip tickets between the two cities are being sold for R$ 469. From the capital of Paraná to Cascavel, the round trip can be carried out for R$ 456. Azul is currently the only company that offers daily flights from Curitiba to the interior of Paraná.

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BH/Curitiba airline tickets for R$ 354

As of March 27, LATAM will have nonstop flights from Curitiba to Belo Horizonte (Confins). Air tickets for travel in May are being sold for R$ 354. Azul is the only company that serves the two capitals with non-stop departures and arrivals. ÇCheck out other offers at the end of this post.

On flights from São Paulo, where competition is greater, there are options for round-trip tickets to Florianópolis for R$346, in addition to offers to Rio de Janeiro (R$262) and Belo Horizonte (R$266). All tickets are round-trip and include taxes. Offers are for travel from February to May, excluding holidays.

Round-trip airfare with taxes included

Round-trip airfare with taxes included

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