Rosario: they shot the house of the brother of a candidate for president of Newell’s

Damián D’Amico’s home and car were shot 11 times.

In Rosario there are moments of violence in the run-up to the elections in Newell’s Old Boys, since in the last 48 hours two of the presidential candidates suffered attacks.

First, Ignacio Astore, former doctor of the club and maximum representative for the Leprosy Independence Movement (MIL), received a attack on his vehicle by a group of people and now it is a threat to Cristian D’Amico, from a shooting at his brother’s house.

Reportedly Damián D’Amico’s home and car received 11 shots and, according to the locals, it was a situation at night where the neighbors assured hear the braking of the car and then the shots that hit the front of the house and that they were verified by the local authorities.


As a first step in the investigation that is carried out by the prosecutor of the Shooting Unit, Federico Rébolase, security cameras were searched to provide data on the possible aggressors. Meanwhile, the complaint was raised and fear grows in the face of the weekend elections.

On September 19, Newell’s re-elects president after elections were suspended during the pandemic.. In this case, the “Lepra” fans will have three possible lists headed by the aforementioned Cristian D’Amico and Ignacio Astore, and Ariel Moresco will also appear.

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