Rosángela Espinoza to Gigi Miter in Amor y fuego: “Don’t be nervous, I won’t take your position away” | Rodrigo González | Shows

Rosángela Espinoza made nervous Miter’s Teeth with her entry into Amor y fuego, since the model joked with the idea of ​​being Rodrigo González’s new driving partner.

The former member of This is War sat next to the presenter and told her: “Not only can one person enter this chair.” A few seconds later, the popular ‘Selfie Girl’ moved where Rodrigo González was sitting and assured that they made a beautiful couple.

Rosángela Espinoza’s comments unleashed laughter from the driver, who warned Gigi Miter. “He came with the chainsaw,” he mentioned.


Given this, the model put cold cloths on the situation and pointed out that she would not like to be anyone’s replacement.

“Are we a nice couple or not? (Gigi), he assured.

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Gigi Miter faces Rosángela Espinoza

Gigi Miter was upset that Rosángela Espinoza did not say anything revealing in Amor y fuego despite the fact that the production paid her for her statements. The host told about what was agreed live after the model complained about having to touch the cajon.

“The gig was included, it justifies what they paid you,” said Rodrigo González’s friend.

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Rosángela Espinoza speaks after her interview in Amor y fuego

Through her Instagram account, Rosángela Espinoza sent a message after being interviewed by the hosts of Amor y fuego.

“I had a great time. My first invitation this year. Whatever they say, I will continue to advance #buenasvibras “, wrote the model.

Publication of Rosángela Espinoza Photo: Instagram

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