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During the broadcast of Amor y fuego on the afternoon of November 25, the entertainment program transmitted a note about Vania Bludau and his preparations for his closet come out, in which he plans to sell his clothes in good condition and with little use at a cheaper price than when he acquired them.

In that sense, as the story about the former reality girl ran, Rodrigo González noticed a curious detail in the pronunciation of Bludau’s Spanish, because it seemed to him as if it were a foreigner.

His driving partner, Gigi Miter, joined the comment and together they imitated some words expressed by Vania Bludau in her Instagram stories. In addition, they recalled that in Miami the Spanish language is spoken and that, therefore, it is illogical that they have forgotten their mother tongue.


Rodrigo González began by saying.

“Vania, it is good that you live in Miami, but in Miami ‘bulls’ speak Spanish … Why does she speak like that?”, Added the driver in a sarcastic tone.

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Vania Bludau reacts to the imitations of Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter

The model Vania Bludau posted a story in which she showed that she was tuning in to Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter’s program at the exact moment when they passed a note about her and imitated her.


Bludau burst into laughter when he heard the impersonations of Rodrigo and Gigi, who made sarcastic comments that seemed not to bother the former participant of Queens of the show, because he took it in the best possible way.

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Frank Dello Russo, Vania Bludau’s ex, gets engaged to his new girlfriend in the snow

In the same way that he got engaged to Vania, attorney Frank Dello Russo got engaged again to his current girlfriend, named Kristelle.

The fact has generated quite a controversy in social networks, since a year and a half have passed since his break with the Peruvian, with whom he was about to marry, but what has attracted attention is that this time he has committed in a similar way just like he did with Vania Bludau in 2018.

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