Roberto Veiga warns about exodus after free visa to Nicaragua: “The will is to postpone changes”

The Catholic political scientist and intellectual Roberto Veiga Gonzalez warned that the possible exodus of Cubans, after the free visa to Nicaragua, is a sign of “the will to continue postponing the changes” on the part of the regime.

In statements to the program The Mornings of CiberCuba, the promoter of Next Cuba He warned that “every day we see more fatal decisions by the Cuban government.”

He also considered that this measure has two fatal dimensions: the will to continue postponing internal changes so that Cubans can live decently without the need to emigrate, and throw Cubans into illegal and dramatic emigration.

“That note from the Nicaraguan government is referring to family reunification, but not in Nicaragua, but in other places in Latin America, and especially in the United States, “said the political scientist.

He also argued that Latin America is not in a position to assimilate a large emigration of Cubans and those who are thinking of emigrating should observe that this region is not a place to settle, much less Nicaragua.

Veiga recalled that many times in previous years the Cuban government facilitated migratory stampedes, which postponed changes and threw them into risky emigration, “but they earned what they wanted.”

However, he pointed out, this time that is not going to happen like that, because Cubans would only leave if they can go to the United States, and that country is facing a migratory drama that has to put a stop to it.

Although it is very delicate to put a stop, because it is a humanitarian issue, he pointed out, in the case of Cuba it would be different, because it would be the product of an official decision of the Cuban government for an illegal and dramatic emigration, which would destabilize the border of the United States and the step towards the communities where Cubans live there.

I don’t think the US government is willing to accept that.”, He sentenced in his analysis.

He also observed that there is always the possibility of acting as a pressure and that the American government would make concessions to Havana, although in the current circumstances that probability is less.

The greater probability is that “the conflict between the two governments will escalate”, he pointed out, that “relations between the two countries worsen and that things, instead of going for the better, stagnate and go for the worse.”

In Veiga’s opinion, “There is a great lack of judgment in all the decisions made in Cuba”.

“We have to be very alert, not only that we do not agree on what is happening in Cuba, but also to design what should happen in Cuba, because in the field of decision-making you are not thinking well what you should do in Cuba and could lead to a major crisis“, Concluded the political scientist in his speech. He launched the laboratory of ideas Next Cuba

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