Rita Verón: “A stage of Eli’s femicide has ended, now my sister rests in peace”

Rita Verón, sister of Eli Verón, the first victim of femicide that the Corrientes Justice recognized as such, said that “I took it as a bucket of cold water, I was moved, but with respect for the family of my sister’s murderer, I feel like that a stage of Eli’s femicide was closed ”.

Rita also maintained that “she was given an exemplary sentence, although we knew she had some benefits in jail and now I can say that my sister rests in peace.”

And he added that “it was hard, because we had closed Eli’s stage and knowing that he was not imprisoned properly, it hurt us, although he had an exemplary sentence that justice gave him, but at the time we found out that he had transferred him to the farm Yatay, which is a different place, with freedom, and we claim to justice why they transferred him there, and they did not give us an answer ”.

In turn, regarding the visibility of cases of gender violence, Rita maintained that “the issue of gender violence has changed a lot, now there is much more talk, in the media, in the street, as in the case of Tamara Salazar, which does not a proper sentence was handed down and a second trial was obtained thanks to the claim to go out onto the streets. It is difficult because the relatives should mourn, but we have to go out and ask for justice ”.

At the same time, Eli Verón’s sister, regarding the case of the femicide Borlicher who has been missing since the day she murdered Sandra Silguero, considered that “six years have passed since Sandra’s femicide, and nobody knows anything about her femicide, the The only thing that moves is the sister, and we who accompany her, but Borlicher is like he does not exist, we do not know anything, we are like at the beginning ”.

Finally, Rita remarked that “at times we feel alone, talking about the State, because the organizations and the media accompany us.”

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