Río Gallegos: stole, crashed, fled and was arrested on the highway

The morning in Río Gallegos had really unhappy events, with accidents and really repulsive criminal acts.

One of them occurred when a subject robbed in the center of Río Gallegos, then moved to steal a truck, escaped in it, circulating at high speed on the highway and ended up crashing in the area of ​​Avenida Perón and Autovía 17 de Octubre , detained by the police.

The first information indicates that the subject, who acted alone, robbed in the center of Río Gallegos and then moved to also steal the truck of a worker who had left the key to his Chevrolet S-10 in place, which facilitated the work of the offender.

The criminal tried to escape at full speed along the highway, in what was a police pursuit that ended with the subject crashing into one of the curbs of the highway, losing a front wheel of the stolen truck, and being forced to get off.

At that time the police were able to arrest him, also beginning the skills and rigorous work that is carried out in this type of situation. (The New Day Newspaper)

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