Ricky Gervais says After Life ending is “pretty perfect”

Ricky Gervais said the end of After life is “fairly perfect”. Look here :

For the first time, the comedian has allowed one of his creations to run beyond his second series, and the third and final installment has just fallen on Netflix.

The show follows the 60-year-old as he takes on the role of Tony, a journalist for a free newspaper who struggles to find purpose in life following the death of his wife.

In the first two seasons, viewers were moved by his battle with grief – which brought him to the brink of suicide – and attempt to come out of his tragic loss.

Going into the final series, writer, director and star Gervais admitted that he played with many different endings, but is happy that the chosen conclusion was “pretty much perfect.”

The third season of After Life is now available on Netflix. Credit: Netflix

He told 45seconds.fr: “There were a lot of options, and even until the shoot, there was, ‘Can I do that? Is it too much? ‘.

“I think I picked the right ending – I’m sure I’ll have to explain it on social media over the next 10 years.

“But I’m sticking with that and I think it’s pretty perfect because, without spoilers, the theme is – life goes on.

“It’s just that, it’s right – life goes on. “

He continued, “I would say, again no spoilers, I would say it’s uplifting, this series.

“I think there is more hope. I think this is a positive message. I think it’s beautiful. I think it’s good that things are over, and I think it’s uplifting. “

The second set culminated with Tony on the verge of overdosing, only for Emma (Ashley Jensen) to ring his doorbell at the last minute and avoid tragedy.

Indeed, the sitcom is as emotional as it is funny, and the third season could make you cry and laugh to the same extent.

And it wasn’t just viewers who found the frequent transitions from joy to despair emotionally draining – the cast also struggled to get to grips with it.

“I remember last season, I remember doing a funny scene coming into the office and then I left and just looked at the monitor,” Jo Hartley – who plays June – said at 45 seconds. Fr.

“And while I was looking at the monitor, Ricky walked into a scene where he started to cry.

“I went from laughing to tears in about four seconds. “

The show has often reduced viewers - and cast - to tears.  Credit: Netflix
The show has often reduced viewers – and cast – to tears. Credit: Netflix

Diane Morgan, who plays Kath, added, “There’s something about Ricky crying, because he’s so funny.

“And, especially if you’re in a scene with him and he has to cry in front of you, he actually cries, he finds the emotion. He doesn’t pretend, he talks about it, and it’s awful.

“I mean, brilliant, but ugly because you think, ‘Oh my God, he’s really crying’ and you’re so upset just by acting in front of him. “

So if you’ve got your tissues handy, you can head over to Netflix now and see how the sitcom plays out.

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