Review of the start of the exciting Netflix series with Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart in der Serie True Story (c) Netflix

For once, comedian Kevin Hart tries his hand at a drama role in the Netflix crime thriller True Story. The prelude is definitely exciting. It still seems questionable whether the conventional story can carry seven episodes.

As a stadium-filling stand-up comedian and film star of action comedies such as “Ride Along“, „Central Intelligence” or “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle“Kevin Hart became world famous. His trademarks: a compact build and angry mind. Many are already calling him the new Eddie Murphy, which he himself is already flirting with. Hart is currently trying a daring genre change in front of the camera, towards more serious roles. He last appeared in the family drama “Fatherhood“Which was very successful on Netflix. The seven-part True Story, which is partly autobiographical (albeit with hopefully invented deviations).

The whole thing is written by Narcos maker Eric Newman (incidentally the son of the “Toy Story“-Composer Randy Newman). Meanwhile, Charles Murray (Luke Cage, Sons of Anarchy) acts as the showrunner. In addition to Hart, who of course plays the leading role, is also the “Blade“See star Wesley Snipes. In the opening episode, Chapter 1: The King of Comedy, the former “Titanic“Villain Billy Zane also made an entertaining guest appearance.

What’s the matter?

Kevin Hart plays a fictionalized version of himself in True Story.The Kid“Tours the states. At Ellen he is promoting his new superhero blockbuster, which is about to hit the billion mark at the box office. And everywhere he runs into fans who want to bask in his shine. Similar to the capitalism satire Succession, the Netflix series in the first third of the pilot episode gleefully stages the luxury that the protagonist and his entourage enjoy. But here, too, it is family quarrels that overshadow all the nice money.

Meant is his older brother Carlton (Snipes), who is a failure in his main job. So far, every attempt at self-employment has failed – always financed by the multi-million dollar sibling – so that all that remains for him is the parasite existence, with which he feels very comfortable anyway. Just as The Kid is ready to disconnect Carlton, Carlton insists on one last wild evening together. And so it happens that, contrary to all self-oaths, our hero gets drunk and then later commits the biggest mistake of his life. From here the spoiler zone begins …

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