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Odin Strike

In order to make the Edens Zero 100% operational, Shiki and his gang must go in search of the two missing Shining Stars : Harmit, the heart of Edens, and Valkyrie, the saber of Edens. Sister quickly takes the crew to where Harmit is, the problem is that the latter is only physically present. His “conscience” has gone into exile on Digitalis, an old video game that has become a digital planet. The protagonists will therefore spend a few episodes in a video game and yes, it is still a reference to Hunter x Hunter.

With Edens Zero, the mangaka Hiro Mashima uses the same approach as Eiichirō Oda to One Piece. That is to say that the hero and his friends arrive on an island (or a planet), become familiar with the inhabitants and their culture, then they come to their aid. Digitalis does not escape this treatment, the crew of the Edens (especially Shiki) consider this virtual world to be as real as a real planet. This is what will convince Harmit to join the crew after coming out of his depression. The stakes on Digitalis are also as high as in the tangible world, because the “players” can die there for good (yes, we love Matrix too).

Do you have the little reference to Rave?

But we especially want to tell you about the arc that revolves around Valkyrie (the tragic past of Harmit will be more important in season 2). As in the previous manga of Hiro Mashima, the protagonists all have different goals to achieve. Shiki wants to find Mother, Rebecca wants to make good videos for her B-Cube channel, Wise wants … mu shu? And Homura wants to find Valkyrie, the woman who raised him and taught him the art of fighting.

Thanks to the information given by Xiaomei the narrator, the crew travels to Jun Jewel, the planet which explains to the youngest spectators how capitalism works. We discover that, under the pretty glittering surface filled with casinos, the poorest are reduced to slavery to enrich Lady Scarlet, who is none other than Homura’s biological mother. To top it all, this is where Valkyrie sacrificed herself to save the people of the slums.

So we come to a point in the series where a heroine is definitely deprived of her goal. The fact that his grief affects his comrades proves how much bonds between characters begin to strengthen. On Sun Jewel, Valkyrie has become the symbol of the rebellion against the ruling power. Granted, this is sometimes shown a bit crudely, but this arc pays a lovely tribute to the workers’ struggle, while also telling the touching and tragic story of a mother and daughter, Valkyrie and Homura.

Edens Zero : photoA sober and touching mausoleum

Bell Holy Slash

These thirteen new episodes begin to introduce elements that already seem important like the Order of the Knights Ôbusei, the Galactic Secret Service (GIA), which includes Amira, Rebecca’s Cat Leaper and we are impatient to see a villain who connects brief appearances: Drakkhen Joe. But we will have plenty of opportunities to talk about him again in 2022.

Moreover, the two main antagonists of this second half are more or less linked to Drakkhen Joe. Jamiriov, Digitalis’ psychopath who kills for fun, and Kurenai Kôgetsu, the Scarlet Lady who dominates and terrorizes Sun Jewel. From the first season, the plot confronts the heroes with extremely wicked characters who don’t seem to have a shred of kindness. It’s not really a quality, we like bad guys who have real reasons to be bad guys. But at least it’s a real pleasure to see them fall apart.

Edens Zero : photoAh ok.

Whether on the side of the protagonists or the antagonists, the secondary characters are far from forgettable. We think in particular of Nino the B-Cuber (inspired by a German YouTuber) whose Ether Gear makes it possible to resemble Shiva. This character who juggles the good and the bad sides is sure to return to receive an interesting development.

Let’s come back to Rebecca’s Ether Gear that allows her to go back in time, the Cat Leaper. This power has been very discreet since the beginning of the series and finally shows itself during his fight against Nino. We also note that the small fights organized by Xiaomei which looked like fillers were in fact training for the Sun Jewel arc. Rebecca’s new power is obviously super cool, but on the other hand, it totally keeps us from worrying about the heroes.

Edens Zero : photo“Anime will save the universe!” “

Metallica Explosion

Even if the series is generally still a little too dull for our taste, beautiful colors appear sometimes, we would like a little more. It’s the same for the animation of the fights which seems to have improved in this second part., no doubt because these clashes are more symbolic and important for the evolution of the characters.

In their respective fights on Sun Jewel, Wise fulfills a childhood dream, Rebecca discovers the Cat Leaper, Homura inherits his master’s strength, and Shiki had several issues to deal with with Lady Scarlet, including completing Valkyrie’s mission. . It is at first very pleasant to see the ingenuity of some of our heroes to overcome their opponents, but it is very pleasant to know that the studio wanted to pay tribute to them, even the stills are beautiful.

Edens Zero : photoAnother shonen hero compared to a demon.

Surprisingly, the mecha piloted by Lady Scarlet is 3D animated and it’s … good! The author of these lines is the first to speak badly about the use of 3D in anime, but this time around, there’s no fault, the Scarlet Steel Knight is better animated. than its projectiles which are in 2D. The JC Staff studio has done a very good job at this level, but this is not its first attempt. Like what, the years of practice end up paying off and we hope that the MAPPA studio will do as well with the final of The attack of the Titans.

The music is also more felt than during the first twelve episodes, some epic themes give chills during the fights, the theme of Homura is magnificent, we can not wait to see what the scores of Yoshihisa Hirano have in store for us for the next seasons, space battles, machine revolts and beach love stories await you.

Season 1 of Edens Zero is available in full since November 24, 2021 on Netflix in France

Poster Part 2

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