Renata Notni shows why she is one of the most beautiful women

Since a time ago, Renata Notni has become one of the most popular actresses of Mexico. It is that throughout his performances he has shown that he has a great talent that captivates his followers from all over Latin America. His career began with the strip Postal Code, where she was accompanied by actresses like Africa Zavala and Gabriela Goldsmith.

For his part, in 2015 he obtained his first leading role in the telenovela Love neighborhood next to Mane de la Parra, Pedro Moreno and Ale garcia. Thanks to that role, she was summoned that same year to be part of the Spanish series I would along with three other Mexican actresses such as Barbara Singer, Carla medina e Isabel burr. There he played Camila, antagonist of history.

While last year Renata Notni 2020 was quite moved because she not only dazzled with various modeling campaigns but also made it very clear that she is an actress with all the letters. True to style Renata was part of the soap opera Doctors, lifeline.

As for her personal life, the popular Mexican actress is having a brilliant present since her relationship with the actor was confirmed a few months ago Diego Boneta, protagonist of the strip Luis Miguel, the series. This can be seen by the streaming giant, Netflix. For its part, this relationship is kept very discreet since in their respective social networks they do not appear in photos together. However this time she herself shared photos of how beautiful she is in a black dress and a video in which she is seen with her partner, the Mexican actor.

Changing the subject, besides being an excellent actress Renata Notni, is one of the most beautiful women in the Aztec country. This was confirmed in the latest preview of the Mexican series called “The Revenge of the Juanas” to be seen by the streaming giant. This has a release date of next October 6. In the aforementioned audiovisual material you can see the beautiful actress on the seashore with a bikini that raised the temperature of the nets.


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