Relatives of the Venezuelan tourists affirmed that there was a call to 911 before the death

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At a press conference, Alex Mendoza, Tilma’s son-in-law, maintained that they had communication with them on Friday night and that They already noticed that the woman did not feel quite well, but nothing that drew attention, and they thought it was because of the heat. On Saturday they didn’t hear from them and when it was Sunday it seemed strange to them that there was no communication at all.

Daniela González, daughter of Tilma and wife of Alex, received a call from which she only understood that they told him about an accident that occurred in Mendoza. When her husband googled those two keywords, they found the news that two Venezuelan tourists had been found dead and a hospitalized boy.


Luis, Alex and Daniela, the relatives of Tilma and Valentino who died in a downtown hotel.

Luis, Alex and Daniela, the relatives of Tilma and Valentino who died in a downtown hotel.

Photo: Luis Rodriguez

They immediately knew that it was their family, and they contacted Luis, Tilma’s brother and father of the boy who was hospitalized at Notti Hospital, out of danger, but with Covid.

The fatal victims lived in Buenos Aires, along with Daniela and Alex, who were the first to arrive in the province. Hours later he did. Luis, who lives in Brazil with his son.

It was the first time that little Luis went on vacation with his aunt, whom he loved like a second mother.. The date of return to Brazil was in February.

Valentine’s cell phone

When they checked Tilma’s son’s cell phone They found that they tried to call for help, but got no response.

There was a call to 911 at 0:46 on Sunday that lasted 3 minutes, but the Police never cameAlex said, adding that he also they found a two-minute call to a private hospital, and the request for an Uber, apparently, to go somewhere where they were attended to, but when it arrived it was already too late.

Daniela, daughter of Tilma and sister of Valentino, believes that his brother made those calls because he saw that his mother was ill. His hypothesis is that first she died, and then he.

The negligence of people who have capital and have an apartment in these conditions, in addition to the negligence of those who have to avoid these situations and that in the end they led to the death of people who are so important to us,” said Alex, adding: “The owner of this place did not report to us, he did not send us a message, we did have contact with his lawyer and we are going to mediate this situation, but money does not give us back the lives of our relatives. Let there be no doubt that We are not going to stop until these people pay for what they did.“.

child’s health

Luis, 5 years old, is Venezuelan, but has lived in Brazil since he was a baby. According to her father, the love he had for Tilma was very strong, and he loved her like a second mother, and that is why they had made all the permits for them to vacation together.

The doctors of the Notti Hospital they told his relatives that he had very high heart and liver enzymes as a result of carbon monoxide inhalation carbonAnd he was on the verge of death.

They think the little he was from 0:46 on Sunday, January 9, until 3:00 p.m. alone and unconscious, after the death of his aunt and cousin.

When they ask Luis what happened that night, he just says that They went to dinner, then they went back to the apartment and went to bed, but he doesn’t remember anything else.

Although the child suffered from intoxication from which he was miraculously saved, and he also had Covid. Already recovered, he was discharged to go with his relatives. Anyway, The doctors indicated that they still need to carry out studies, especially psychological and neurological ones.

It was an employee of the place where they stayed who heard the noise of water inside the apartment, so she insistently knocked, but Having no answers, he called the police and there they discovered what had happened.

The bodies

As Tilma and Valentino also had Covid, their relatives could not see the bodies by the protocol in force in this type of case.

After doing all the corresponding procedures, The bodies were cremated this Friday.

Daniela and Alex, who live in Buenos Aires, they estimate that they will leave Mendoza on Sunday, because they no longer have anything to do here. Luis and his son will wait for the doctor’s authorization, but they estimate that they will leave on the same date and return to Brazil.

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