Red Bull, Perez: “Verstappen is the driver of the moment”

In such an intense, exciting and unpredictable fight between Red Bull-Mercedes and Verstappen-Hamilton, the second guides have a very important role and will have it (in the next two races, the final ones of the season). Sergio Perez knows this very well, with the Mexican called to help the team and the Dutchman for both world championships. Checo, speaking to Canal Plus, underlined how he will have no problems playing teams and therefore give way to the Dutchman if needed.

Max is the driver of the moment, he is very strong – said Perez – It’s not easy being his teammate, but I think I’m doing well. Stressful season? Yes, of course. We are coming to an end, but there is still a lot to do. I would have liked to have won more races, but I had to adapt to the team. It’s a real process with such a competitive car. It took a little longer than expected. Team play? Max is the one fighting for the championship, I have no problem helping him, it’s in everyone’s interest. It doesn’t bother me. I have team spirit”.

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