Rayssa Leal donates R$ 250,000 prize to skate institution

Prize money will be allocated to the NGO Social Skate, from Poá, Greater São Paulo

Another award for the skateboard fairy. Rayssa Leal was the grand winner of the International Visa Award, which recognizes athletes who best represent the Olympic spirit. The purpose of the award is to help social institutions. The skater will allocate 50,000 dollars, just over R$ 250,000, to the NGO Social Skate, from Poá, in Greater São Paulo.

The NGO Skate Social serves just over 150 children and teenagers in São Paulo. Created in 2011, the institution’s main objective is to help young people in situations of socioeconomic vulnerability through sport, education and culture. The information was confirmed on Tuesday by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). In the voting, completed in August, rayssa debunk none other than Simone Biles, biggest gymnastics star.

She was the only Olympic representative among the two most voted. In addition to her, Holly Robinson, from New Zealand, who won gold in the F46 javelin at the Paralympics, also received the award, which will go to an institution in her country focused on improving the health and well-being of children and their families .

For rayssa, who after the Tokyo Games was still champion of the World Skate League stage in Salt Lake City, United States, the honor crowns a change that became even more prevalent after the sport’s debut in the Olympics.

“I was very surprised and very happy to win the award. This moment is part of the values ​​of skateboarding. We’re always like that, we’re always happy, rooting for everyone to do their tricks, and when they do, we all celebrate. For me skateboarding is a family. I see a lot of girls starting out in the sport, saying they want to try to go to the Olympics like us. I’m super happy about it, because skateboarding used to be marginalized. You didn’t used to see a lot of girls in sport. We were able to change the way people looked at skateboarding. This is very rewarding. This is very important. A lot has changed and that makes us very happy,” he said.

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