Radio is the second institution that generates more trust in the population according to the CEP survey

During this day it became known the results of a new survey conducted by the Center for Public Studies (CEP), corresponding to the month of September.

In this, the study gave an account of the institutions that generate more trust in the population, highlighting radio in second place with 38%, only behind universities (47%).

The list is continued by Investigation police (36%), Armed forces (30%) and Municipalities (29%).

While the institutions that generate the least trust are the political parties (4%), the National Congress (8%) and the Government (11%).

Regarding this last figure, it should be noted that this same CEP survey revealed that the approval of President Sebastián Piñera reached 16%, while the disapproval reached 68%.

Radio, a medium that generates trust

This It is not the first time that the radio it is classified as a reliable means of communication, since in the study of April this year, it also ranked second in this category.

In that opportunity, preferences reached 51% at the height of the covid-19 pandemic, being only surpassed at that time by the PDI.

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