Radical change? The formula of the new owners of the U to return to success

On University of Chile already work under the guidelines imposed by Tactical Sports, new controller in charge of the concessionaire blue blue. The group, of which the administrator Sartor is the main creditor of its funds, it would have decided to change the way of making administrative decisions, going back to an old way: the system of the times of Federico Valdés.

In the directory of Azul Azul, chaired by Cristian Aubert, there will be a new indication to take charge of the club’s work: no decision will be concentrated in a single name. As it was in the times of the presidency of Federico Valdés (2007-2012), the most successful time of the concessionaire in charge of the club, any important action must be consulted and discussed by the managers.

Unlike what was experienced at the time of Carlos Heller, where the decisions were generally made by him, Tactical Sports seeks to organize the tasks. This is in addition to the arrival of Luis Roggiero to take charge of the sports management of the U, since with Sergio Vargas and Rodrigo Goldberg he had no greater weight when deciding on the future. The new manager of the blues would have to arrive in Chile after National Holidays to take the reins of the football project of the university team.

The purchase of the Carlos Heller share package by Tactical Sports, It was a great investment for Sartor. As it transpired during the month of August, the administrator would make an injection of US $ 5 million. One of the objectives of the new managers of Azul Azul would be to invest in the minor club series, as well as in the Women’s Football and bring incorporations, approved by Roggiero, to the men’s first team.

The arrival of Luis Roggiero in countdown

After months of waiting, Luis Roggiero should arrive in Chile after the National Holidays. Although there was talk that the new sports manager would not be in charge of the renovations, everything indicates that he will have influence in the decisions about the future of Joaquín Larrivey, Fernando De Paul and Ramón Arias, among others.

Luis Roggiero should arrive in Chile after National Holidays.

After the incorporation of Junior Fernandes and Anderson Contreras, the issue of renovations was pending for the first week of September. However, the arrival of Roggiero is looming and there is still no news. However, the U squad remains in the fight for the title and prepares to face in the next date to his classic rival, Colo Colo.

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