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When Smith came to the Green Arrow saga, Oliver Queen was dead. He heroically gave his life to save millions of Metropolis residents from a bomb with which terrorists planned to blow up the city.

Smith starts with the most obvious question: what really happened? How could the archer have survived? Thus he composes a story in which Queen returns, but apparently has no recollection of what happened.

In the process of exploring that mystery, the plot leads Green Arrow to cross paths with Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern, and even decidedly different characters like Etrigan or Deadman.

Smith navigates each arc and each scene with clever dialogue that some readers will find tiresome, but which actually sets the tone for a story that doesn’t seek to be like the others.

The writer’s work complements well with the art of Phil Hester and, in particular, with the Guy Major colors.

It is an effective drawing, typical of the digital age, and that sometimes detracts from facial expression. But it more than makes up for that fact in the most dynamic and explosive scenes.

A clarification: the Colección DC incorpora this work in two installments, and that, to be direct, was not necessary. Actually, the central story ends before the book, but the two volumes pick up the entirety of Smith’s role in front of this character, which is not necessarily bad.

The collection
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