Quintana Roo strengthens actions for the recovery of peace and tranquility

The Coordination Group Quintana Roo analyzes, evaluates and monitors the strategies to stop crime, this as part of the work of the entity’s governor, to provide safe spaces for Quintana Roo residents

Through the operational session of the coordinated group in the state, which was held at the facilities of the C5 security, the results of the actions that have been launched in conjunction with federal authorities to reduce criminal acts in Quintana Roo were released.

Edgar Ramirez Morales, Technical Secretary of the State Coordination for the Construction of Peace and Security, highlighted that, during the weekend, the operation Safe Beach, in the hotel zone of Playacar, in the Solidaridad municipality, in which 12 people were arrested for crimes against health, with 120 doses of marijuana, a firearm and useful cartridges.

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In addition, in two more operations, 24 people were referred in isolated events, securing 83 bags of marijuana in the first and 129 doses in the second operation.

As a result of this coordinated operation, 36 people were arrested and placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry, in addition to 25 people who were referred to the civic judge for administrative offenses.

During the Operational Session it was reported that, in different actions, the Quintana Roo Police in coordination with the State Attorney General, carried out the arrest of 3 men allegedly related to crimes against health and their possible participation in violent events that occurred in the municipality of Benito Juarez.

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The State Coordination for the Construction of Peace and Security is made up of the State Executive; the Secretariat of National Defense; the Secretary of the Navy; the National Guard.

In the same way, the Quintana Roo Police participate; the State Attorney General’s Office; the National Intelligence Center; the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection; the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic; the Superior Court of Justice; the National Institute of Migration and the Ministry of Welfare.


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