Quebec lifts its curfew and reopens schools on Monday: “We finally see the light at the end of the tunnel”

At the same time, the French-speaking Canadian province has decided to further restrict the places accessible to the unvaccinated: the vaccination passport will henceforth be compulsory to go to a store of more than 1,500m2 (excluding supermarkets and pharmacy).

“We finally see the light at the end of the tunnel,” said Quebec Prime Minister François Legault at a press conference on Thursday, who believes that the measures put in place in the middle of the holiday season have made it possible to slow down the Covid-19.

According to François Legault, the province has reached its peak of the fifth wave, and is on the verge of reaching the peak of hospitalizations.

But he called on Quebecers to remain “patient” and confirmed that restaurants, bars, theaters, sports and other public places would remain closed for the moment.

Regarding the new controversial tax called “health contribution” which will be imposed on those who refuse the vaccine, it will be the subject of a bill that will be debated in the National Assembly of Quebec, said the Prime Minister.

This is part of an arsenal of measures targeting the unvaccinated – 10% of adults in Quebec – who will be from Tuesday also persona non grata in stores selling alcohol or cannabis.

Like other Canadian provinces, Quebec recently broke contamination records. Thursday, 2,994 Covid-19 patients were treated in hospital, including 272 in intensive care.

At the same time, appointments for the first dose jumped at the start of the year, peaking at 10,000. This concerns, according to official figures, more particularly the youngest (5 to 11 years) but all age groups are concerned.

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