Puma and Adidas in dispute over River’s jersey

The amount that Núñez’s club would receive would be $ 1,800,000 per year, in addition to a 20% royalties from apparel sales, when Adidas currently pays 12%.

Another of Puma’s proposals to seduce the millionaire leadership is that River will receive the same treatment as the main clubs in the world who dress the brand, among which stand out the Manchester City, Milan y Borussia Dortmund, among others.


River would change Adidas for Puma in 2022

The news generated a great uproar in the world of football and even some design sites showed what the new red band jersey would look like.

By virtue of the contract that he has had with the Núñez club for almost 30 years, Adidas has priority to match or beat any offer and the deadline to do so is October 31.

In River it did not go down well that in 2019 Adidas has signed a contract with Boca for a figure greater than that received by millionaires.

With the end of the presidency of Rodolfo D’Onofrio and the probable dismissal of Marcelo Gallardo as DT, River will start a new cycle in 2022 and it could be with a new shirt.

The change will include a new main sponsor since the Spanish company Codere, which is already on the sleeves, will be on the players’ chest from August 2022, when the contract with Turkish Airlines ends.

River will receive U $ S 3,500,000 per year until August 2025.

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