PUBG studio accuses Garena Free Fire of plagiarism and sues Apple and Google

The lawsuit began this week in US federal court.

Since PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, famoso PUBG, came out in 2017, it redefined and popularized the battle royale genre and paved the way for many titles such as Free Fire. Garena’s game not only bears some similarities, but it even confuses the unsuspecting as the two games are so similar. Krafton Inc., the developer of PUBG, is not happy at all and went to the American court to complain against the popular mobile battle royale.

Krafton members filed the lawsuit earlier this week in federal court in Los Angeles. They claim that Garena copied several aspects of PUBG, such as the settings, items, equipment and the game’s structure in general. Infringing, therefore, the copyright of the IP developed by Krafton.

In addition to the lawsuit against Free Fire’s own developer, Krafton also sues Apple and Google, which make the game available in their mobile stores, but it doesn’t stop there. YouTube is another name that the PUBG owner pointed out in the process. It is no coincidence, as the site hosts an astonishing amount of Free Fire videos.

Krafton had already filed an official complaint in Singapore, the country of developer Garena, in 2017. This process would have already been resolved, even without including any license for Garena. That is, it still could not replicate the elements of PUBG. In September last year, Garena launched Free Fire Max, once again infringing Krafton’s IP copyright.

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In addition to the $150,000 amount that the PUBG developer is asking for damages, it still holds Apple and Google (and YouTube consequently) liable, although the amounts were not disclosed. The stores of both companies were responsible for gains of “hundreds of millions of dollars in sales on a global scale”.

THE document presented by Krafton in US federal court, he has several screenshots to show the copy of various elements of his game. Krafton even sued Epic Games in 2018, claiming that its game, Fortnite, infringed on several aspects of its intellectual property. The difference in this case is that, a month later, the complaint was withdrawn for unknown reasons.

It remains to be seen what Krafton Inc.’s position will be now in relation to the new fashion, Super People. The game has a lot of similarities with PUBG and is the hottest battle royale game for PC


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Via: Polygon

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