Psychologist’s Day: Why is it celebrated in Argentina today?

Every October 13 is celebrated in Argentina the Psychologist’s Day. This celebration was established to remember the First National Meeting of Psychologists and Psychology Students, which was held in the City of Córdoba between the 11th and 13th of this month in 1974.

This conference was carried out as an initiative of the Confederation of Psychologists of the Argentine Republic (CoPRA), On the last day of said event, the proposal to establish the October 13 as the Day of the Psychologist in Argentina.

In 1977, CoPRA became the Federation of Psychologists of the Argentine Republic (FEPRA), which remains in effect to this day. The main objective of the institution is to “Achieve the insertion of psychology in all orders of daily life in a state of law”. That is why they bet on “promote a better quality of life for the population”Through the professional practice of all psychologists in the nation.

The psychology It is the branch of Science that analyzes and studies the mental processes, sensations, perceptions and behavior of the human being, in relation to the physical and social environment that surrounds it.

Its beginning is related to ancient philosophers such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. They were the forerunners of psychology because they stood out in reflecting on the human soul and its way of relating to the world. The turning point of it was in the SXIX when it was associated with physiology and implemented new methods.

In 1879 the experimental psychology in Germany by Wilhelm Wundt. The German physician and philosopher founded the first experimental psychology laboratory and based his object of study on immediacy. This separated philosophy and psychology.

Benefits of going to the psychologist

Seeking psychological help is not an easy decision for everyone. That is why many make a list of the pros and cons and take the time to think about it before deciding to consult with a professional.

Since the beginning of the pandemic of Coronavirus, specialists point out that the deterioration of the mental health He is one of those who was seriously harmed. That not only led to isolation and distance from loved ones but also increased suicide cases due to depression. A disease characterized by deep sadness, low spirits, low self-esteem, etc.

However, there are benefits when doing therapy. One of the main ones is the self-knowledge. Psychological therapy allows you to know yourself, better or more than before. The psychologist offers an explanation of your discomfort and can detail what aspects have caused the problem, etc. In this way, psychotherapy implies a before and after: you learn to understand emotions, thoughts and behaviors in order to manage them.

Another benefit is that it represents a time and space for you. Therapy implies a time and space that you will only dedicate to yourself, leaving aside work, daily routines, family problems, etc. You will be able to listen to each other, get to know each other and above all help each other.

For its part, psychological therapy offers control over what causes so much discomfort in your life. Nobody judges him or gives an opinion on what he should do. Therefore, you can start to make decisions and be in control of different situations. In this sense, the presence of the professional guide throughout the process. It is essential to achieve what it had not previously achieved.

Finally, in recent times the sports psychology. It is recognized and recommended by many of the world’s leading athletes and they point out that it has been a turning point in their careers. Mainly by helping them to work on the emotions and different situations that can be experienced in high performance sports.

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