Project Zomboid: How to sleep well to be in good shape?

The experience offered by Project Zomboid is quite comprehensive and asks you to meet certain needs. Of course, the sleep is one of them and you will need to rest very often, to stay in shape and be able to keep to your full capabilities. Indeed, by being tired, whether at the first stage or at the highest level, your performances will be less interesting, even dangerous for your health, since by being “ Ridiculously tired Melee damage is reduced by 95%. Your survival therefore becomes very difficult.

For it, so you have to sleep quite often, but to maximize your rest time, you shouldn’t sleep just anywhere. Explanations.

How to sleep well in Project Zomboid?

The ideal, and as you might expect, is to sleep in a good bed, to recover all of your capacities. We find it in every house, which is not the most difficult mission. However, if your urge to sleep is urgent and you cannot lie down in a bed, a sofa or bench will do, although sleep will be much less restful and your chances of experiencing pain increase. (reducing some of your abilities).

This is why the beds should be prioritized, if possible as soon as the first effects of fatigue are felt. Also be careful to rest in a good quality bed. The information is shown just below the action, as you can see in the following image.


How to sleep while being ill?

Depending on the activities you do during the day, you may become unwell. It is difficult to sleep in this state, but know that there are ways to rest anyway. In particular, you can use sleeping pills, which promise you a perfect night. You can also rely on pain relievers, to reduce pain. Also remember to take care of yourself as soon as possible, so as not to worsen your condition. These two objects can be found in bathrooms, pharmacies or even hospitals, and its quite common.

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