Price freeze: Roberto Feletti defended the measure with an unusual justification

The new Secretary of Internal Trade, Roberto Felettiannounced the price freeze of more than 1,200 products of the basic basket at least until January 7 and this Thursday he wielded a unusual justification to defend the measure.

“We want to allow people to have a happy Holidays,” he said. Above in dialogue with Radio The Uncover. The new Secretary of Commerce assured that “the objective of the price policy of the Secretariat is to pair income policies with price policies.”

Above He clarified that he wants to “get rid of all ideology” and reach an agreement with the business community by the end of the year. “We are not at the stage of distributive bidding,” said the official, who expressed his concern that the inflation September could exceed 3%.

Roberto Feletti replaced Paula Español as Secretary of Commerce.

“The last quarter of the year is of a lot of consumption and I do not want it to be one of frustration,” he added Above, who argued that “Argentina needs a bit of joy.”

“The Argentine people need to recover their consumption standards, return to that logic of the middle class that can have a wine, who can make a gift Mother’s Day“, said the official.

Above He assured that he hopes that this afternoon the supermarkets will send him the price lists of the products as of October 1, which will have the character of a sworn statement, and assured them: “We do not get involved in business plans, we do not want them to lose, they we are saying ‘earn by quantity and not by price’ “.

Feletti expressed concern about inflation in September, which would exceed 3%.

“I am reluctant to validate a drop in consumption in the middle layers of the Argentine population. Peronism bequeathed the idea that workers consumed what they wanted and at home, I don’t want to abandon that idea,” he added Above.

“This is the first Christmas with a lessened impact of the pandemic, there will be meeting motivations that did not happen in the last two years, let’s try not to let this be frustrated by an escalation in prices, “the official closed.

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