Preventive prison for a couple for the case of kidnapping and homicide of a man in Iquique

A couple of foreign citizens remained in preventive detention, after being formalized for participating in the kidnapping and murder of a 67-year-old merchant in Iquique, while the PDI continues to carry out proceedings to find more responsible for this crime.

A couple of foreign citizens remained in preventive detention, after being formalized for their participation in the kidnapping and homicide case of a 67-year-old merchant in Iquique last week, also decreeing a 120-day investigation period.

It is about a 26-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman, who according to the investigation of the PDI and the Public Ministry, participated directly in the crime, for which they were formalized for the crime of qualified kidnapping resulting in death.

According to the records provided by the Prosecutor’s Office and the PDI, the woman knew the victim, Nelson Murua Páez, 67, and even the merchant was held in the house of this couple in Iquique during his kidnapping.

“Thanks to the investigative steps carried out by the police together with the prosecution, it was possible to identify and arrest two foreigners who would have participated directly in the kidnapping with homicide. It is about a man and a woman who are a couple and who lived in the place where the victim was kidnapped”, indicated the prosecutor of Tarapacá, Raúl Arancibia.

The man was kidnapped last Thursday, January 6, and on Saturday, January 8, his body was found on a hill between Alto Hospicio and Iquique, for which it is estimated that the couple fled on that date from the Tarapacá region, as they were detained in Tocopilla. .

These formalizations are added to that of a 24-year-old Venezuelan citizen, arrested on Wednesday afternoon, and who was held in preventive detention this Thursday, after being accused of covering up the crimes of kidnapping, extortion and homicide.

Likewise, as reported by the authorities, there are still more arrests pending of people who participated in this crime, which has impacted northern Chile.

“We have more people individualized for this case, therefore, the proceedings continue to be carried out to find their location,” said Prefect Cristián Lobos, head of the Police Region of Tarapacá.

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