Presidential 2022: Martin Rocca, the youngest of the candidates, starts with Brittany for his Tour de France

Marc Batard, mountaineer, 70, and Martin Rocca, 22, will travel the roads of France to promote their Constituent 2022 movement, launched for the 2022 Presidential elections. © La Presse d’Armor

Martin Rocca, the youngest of the candidates the presidential election 2022, launched on January 10 his tour of France, in a caravan, for two months in search of sponsorships to make the project a reality Constituent 2022.

His first stops are in Brittany: after Binic and Pleumeur-Bodou in Côtes-d’Armor, the young candidate had to stop at Plounéour-Trez (Finistère) and to Arradon (Morbihan) before continuing his journey in Poitou-Charentes.

This 22-year-old Parisian, with a degree in history and philosophy, now a freelance translator, presents himself for reform the Fifth Republic and in particular to create a constituent assembly.

Meeting and explanations …

You are very young, 22 years old… So what are your motivations?

I do not want and I will not become President of the Republic! This is not my goal at all. The goal is to try to impose this idea of ​​a constituent assembly to tell all the people who are not interested in politics, or even who are disgusted with it, that we can invent another system.

And the first step is to admit that our institutions are no longer functioning. The increase in abstention, election after election, is clear proof of this.

The constituent assembly will make it possible to change the rules of the game and it will not be the first time: 1789, 1848, 1945-1946… On the other hand, I am not here to say what system will have to be put in place tomorrow. I’m just here to make this change possible.

From right to left, Yvon Batard, former mayor of Binic from 1997 to 2008, Marc Batard, Françoise Villanné-Batard and Martin Rocca, the youngest of the 2022 presidential candidates.
From right to left, Yvon Batard, former mayor of Binic from 1997 to 2008, Marc Batard, Françoise Villanné-Batard and Martin Rocca, the youngest of the 2022 presidential candidates. © La Presse d’Armor

Why did you choose Brittany, and Binic (Côtes-d’Armor) to start your Tour de France?

This electoral campaign will cost around € 30,000. Even if the donations are more and more numerous, I still had to go into debt for the next five years! So, as you have seen, I move with my car which runs on LPG, from town to village, with my caravan, in which I sleep.

My campaign began on Monday January 10, Place de la République in Paris and it is not really by chance that it is Brittany that I have chosen for this first week of travel.

The famous mountaineer Marc Batard, solo and oxygen-free conqueror of Everest, who was one of the first to actively join me in this adventure, knows Binic well.

As a child, he came to spend his holidays there, with his grandparents. He gives me the benefit of his network and introduced me to Yvon Batard, former mayor of Binic. He has no relation to him, but the chances of life made them meet. Yvon Batard supports me, even if we are not, a priori, on the same side. He agrees, with me, that democracy in France is sick and that it is not normal, for example, for a mayor or a deputy to be elected with only 15% of the vote.

“Many mayors are worried”

Do you really get your 500 referrals?

I sincerely think that I will succeed in obtaining them, but I knew, since I embarked on this journey, that all the stages were going to be complicated to go through.

I spent all last summer, with Marc, meeting citizens and elected officials in many regions.

I think that many mayors are worried and that they have listened to my proposals. Some are already the bridgeheads of our movement. Each additional sponsorship will allow me to have more weight in the public debate.

Beyond that, the idea is to sow the seed and I hope it will germinate. I think the next five-year term will be catastrophic. I am sure that our Constituent Association 2022 will continue its work and that our ideas will prevail, for years to come, in the public debate.

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