Post-electoral crisis: massive resignation of officials to the President

Some national media also include in the mass presentation the minister of Habitat, Jorge Ferraresi. Although it was knownGabriel Katopodis, from Public Works; Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta, from Women, Gender and Diversity; and Security, Sabina Frederic, made their resignations available on Monday but not in a formal way as it happened during this day.

resignation of national officials.jpg


Despite the formal questions and the signal that the national Cabinet ministers wanted to give, Soria participated in an official activity and posted on social networks hours before the move was triggered as a result of the tremendous defeat of the Frente de All in the legislative primaries.

In the interior of the country, the ruling party also made a similar move. Although this case, in Santa Cruz, it was Alicia Kirchner the one that asked his officials on Monday to make the resignation available to him. On Buenos Aires, The Minister of Government, Teresa García, expressed this Wednesday that the confirmation of the entire cabinet is in the hands of Axel Kicillof.

Pedro’s “Wado” letter

“I am hereby motivated to put at your disposal my resignation from the position of Minister of the Interior of the Nation with which I have been honored since December 10, 2019,” he wrote in a letter he sent to the President this noon

The leader of La Cámpora told the President that “listening to his words on Sunday night where he raised the need to interpret the verdict expressed by the Argentine people, I have considered that the best way to collaborate with this task is by resigning to your disposition ”.

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