Porsche reportedly working on new seven-seater crossover

The Cayenne is perhaps the most controversial Porsche in history. Realize, an SUV in the middle of sports cars like the sacrosanct 911. And yet, as has often been pointed out, it is partly thanks to the Cayenne that Porsche is where it is today, and continues to offer us cars as exciting as the 911 or the latest Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS.

After the Cayenne, there was another SUV with the smaller Macan, and soon, according to Automotive News, a third model could step into the dance and serve as the flagship. This model would be halfway between a sedan and an SUV and could offer up to seven seats.

Mixture of genres

The first information comes from the United States where, according to Automotive News, some dealers received the first renderings of the model, with the description: “a new style: half-sedan, half-SUV”. It will therefore be yet another vehicle with a raised driving position, but without exaggeration and with a bodywork closer to that of a Panamera or a Taycan.

Nevertheless, in Zuffenhausen, it does not seem to have yet taken a final decision on the marketing of this model, but the brand wishes to share its ideas and the first sketches of future models with its network, certainly to also have the feedback of potential customers. This strategy echoes the ‘Porsche Unseen’ presentation, when photos of undisclosed prototypes were first released. A good way to take the temperature with customers on which model is likely to please or not.

The future of this seven-seater crossover has not yet been decided, but the appetite of certain markets, such as the United States or China, for this type of model could encourage Porsche to go through with the project, a project that would be called “Landjet” internally.

Synergies with Audi and Bentley

The Landjet project would be based on the Audi platform created as part of the Artemis project, which aims to create new technologies for electric cars and innovative driver assistance systems, and on which the next flagships of Audi and Bentleys could also be based.

In terms of powertrains, there could be plug-in hybrids, at least initially, which would later give way to 100% electric motors with a range of at least 650 kilometers. The presentation of this new Porsche could take place in 2025.

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