Pornhub launches this new site to find your soul mate (or your one night stand)

The Pornhub site decides to launch a whole new site dedicated to determining your innermost tastes, with the aim of finding your soul mate, or perhaps the plan for an ideal evening. We take stock of the great investigation that has just been launched, and on the hypothetical repercussions that the investigation will generate.

The new site launched by Pornhub

The new site launched by Pornhub is not another pornography site, but one that offers you a quiz to determine your sexual preferences. In collaboration with the “Museum of Sex and sexology research institutes”, Pornhub has announced that they will massively develop “the world’s first research-based sexual investigation.” And that’s why, the SexType.Me site has been developed. This is an online tool that helps users find out their sex characteristics, before comparing their profiles with other members of Pornhub, and their friends.

The team behind this project, including the molecular biologist Lee Silver and the researcher Kristen Mark, hopes to “demystify” sex and allow participants to use their new knowledge to increase their sexual fulfillment. Le Museum of Sex and sexology research institutes déclare, in a press release sent to IFLScience :

SexTypeMe will help users find compatible partners who share their sexual interests, not just tolerate them. Our questionnaire can even make you discover elements of your sexuality that you had not yet considered!

The questionnaire itself

The questionnaire itself includes many questions (allow 20 minutes to complete it on average), which cover several themes, such as your idea of ​​sex, your relationship to pornography, your creativity, your relationship to sex toys, your fantasies, or your ability to let go. The investigation thus enters into the smallest details of your sexual desires, by asking a series of questions which you will need to answer using a cursor.

Example of proposed question.

Once the questionnaire has been completed, you can associate your sexual profile with that many pornhub stars, which allows you to tailor “your pornography needs and preferences” based on the results you get. By participating, users will also help researchers to achieve their goal, which is to constitute a sample large enough to be able to analyze sexual preferences and their relationship to traditional personality traits. Once the results are obtained, these will be published in a scientific journal.

Example of results. Here, 1/9 of the results obtained (the rest of the results relate more to carnal relationships).

As for the results, they are extremely detailed, and describe your sexual preferences as a whole. A “barometer” also tells you if you are in “the average expected by previous research”. Subsequently, you can, if you wish, decide to share these results with your friends (as the site advises you), with a potential “in love” or a potential “lover”, or just keep them to yourself, and for your personal appreciation.

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