Pope supports civil laws for gay couples, but not marriage

Pope Francis was today a supporter of civil laws to defend the rights of homosexuals but not of “marriage”, which for the Church is the union between a man and a woman, as he said at the press conference during the return flight from his tour of Budapest and Slovakia.

“I have spoken clearly about this. Marriage is a sacrament of the Church and cannot be changed, but there are laws that try to help the situation of so many people of different sexual orientation and this is important. That they be helped, but without imposing things to the Church that by their nature cannot be, “Francisco clarified to journalists aboard the plane.

The Pope also stressed that “if (a homosexual couple) wants to lead a life together, the States have the possibility of civilly supporting them, with the issue of health, inheritance …”.

“They are brothers and sisters and we have to accompany them. But the marriage is clear,” he added.

The pontiff gave the example of Civil Solidarity Pact (Pacs) that exists in France on the rights for homosexual couples, but “marriage as a sacrament is between a man and a woman and the Church cannot be made to deny its truth.”

He also explained that there are many homosexual people who “approach the sacrament of penance” and “ask the priest for advice” and “the church helps them to move forward”, but, he stressed, “the sacrament is the sacrament.”

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The pope had already expressed this concept in a recent documentary, but, nevertheless, shortly after the Vatican published an explanatory note to remember that the Catholic Church “cannot impart its blessing to unions of persons of the same sex”, after in some ecclesiastical circles doubts have arisen on this subject.

“It is not lawful to impart a blessing to relationships, or even stable couples, that imply a sexual practice outside of marriage (that is, outside the indissoluble union of a man and a woman open, by itself, to the transmission of life ), as is the case of unions between persons of the same sex, “wrote the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in that document.

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